OB Kogyo


One Stop Service

Secondary processing, assembly, and evaluation can also be entrusted to us.

We also perform secondary processing such as welding, press-fitting, and unit assembly. We are committed to one-stop service from development and prototyping to mass production, assembly, and evaluation.

■Achievements Noise test

  • 〇Results Noise test gear assembly
  • 〇Gear Testing
  • 〇Post-processing tapping
  • 〇Post-processing heat press fitting
  • 〇Ultrasonic welding
  • 〇Can correspond to plating (outsourcing company)
  • 〇Resin coating available (subcontractor)
  • image

    Post-processing room

  • image

    Heat press fit

  • image

    Ultrasonic welding

  • image

    Tapping machine