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Mold Technology

Mold Technology

High-precision and precision parts cannot be made with molding technology alone. This can only be achieved with mold technology. We are working on highly productive mold manufacturing by “mold standardization” of OB specifications. In addition, based on the know-how accumulated over many years, we have realized high-precision, high-quality, and highly productive molds.


14-way slide mold (manufactured at Shenzhen factory in China)

  • 〇Pursuit of micron-level accuracy
  • 〇Zero mold mismatch
  • 〇Evaluate and correct each gear tooth and pursue accuracy
  • 〇Simulation based on accumulated know-how and flow analysis
  • 〇Prototype and mass-production molds are manufactured at Shenzhen Factory in China, etc.
  • 〇High productivity through mold standardization